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Welcome to Footlogics Australia! Here you'll find all types of foot pain and foot problems explained, including Plantar Fasciitis. Learn more about common conditions related to poor foot function, such as aching legs, shin splints, knee pain and low back pain. We also provide expert footcare advice to help relieve aching feet and prevent further problems. Read about over-pronation (fallen arches) which affects well over half the Australian population. Footlogics orthotics are available from pharmacies and clinics across Australia, or they can be purchased on-line from our secure webshop.

Footlogics Comfort - $32.95
Footlogics Sensi - $34.95
Footlogics Sports - $39.95
Footlogics Casual - $29.95
Footlogics Catwalk - $21.95
Footlogics Kids - $29.95
Choosing the right orthotic
Select the Footlogics model suitable for the type of shoes you wear. From runners to high heels, there' a Footlogics product to suit your needs.

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